Friday, August 14, 2015

Current life priorities

I know that I need to simplify my life.  The easiest part has been divesting myself of various possessions.  The much harder part, and the much more critical part, is simplifying how I spend my time.      I have a ton of interests.  In order to simplify how I spend my time, I decided to list out some of the activities/interests/commitments that I somehow plan on spending time on in the next few months.  The following are in no particular order.  
  • Healthy sleep patterns
  • healthy eating habits
  • regular exercise
  • time with kitties
  • write for professional blog
  • write for personal blog(s)
  • time with friends
  • prepare for move to Portland
  • shambhala mindful eating course (6 weeks)
  • shambhala general mindfulness course (6 weeks)
  • Learn Node.js for robot programming
  • Spend time doing something 'creative'
  • YMCA adult chorus
  • read for fun every day (including form church book group)
  • work:  commute to cambridge 3 days/week (150-180 minutes/day)
  • work: commute to Bedford 1day/week (100-120 minutes)
  • Work:MBO goals
  • work: research projects
  • work:  email filtering project
  • work: incident response escalations
  • work: learn new warehousing system
  • waste time watching video content (typically 1hr/day)
Yes, I can see that there's way too much on my plate.  I guess I need to prioritize what is there, and learn to say "no" to others and myself, even when something sounds like a good way to spend my time.
  UPDATE: Here's another blogger's post that fits in well with this theme